Role plays….who has experienced one? Yes, I am talking about sexual role plays; not the type where you played the Macbeth role in your Year 11 school play.

Unless YOU have the true desire to; the stereotypical secretary, nurse, naughty-school-girl role plays are not necessarily going to move you up the sexual excitement ladder. I am not saying that they won’t– I’m saying that there is no such thing as a “STANDARD” or “NORMAL” fantasy. You can’t force the issue when it comes to role plays.

You may ask yourself: “Am I genuinely turned on by a lady dressed as a naughty school-girl or a sexy secretary?”, or is there something in YOUR MIND that is unique, creative, begs to be explored, understood, is of historical significance or even conjures a mild sense of fear with the bottom line being that whatever THING it is, is Genuinely exciting to YOU.

Think about it.

Hypothetically/for instance/ for example…..perhaps there was a girl you liked at school (let’s call her Jane) but you never got to be intimate or sexual with Jane as she had a boyfriend/ didn’t notice you/ never spoke to you. Since school, Jane has moved to San Francisco, is happily married with 2.75 kids and the chances of you having sex with Jane have gone from 1 in 100 to 1 in 17 billion.

SO – what if something else happened to alter these variables.  There are a plethora of scenarios in this single example alone. Want to create a sexual pathway with Jane?  Well, you can.

Think about it.

In sum 10 REASONS why role plays rock are : (in no particular order)

  1. There is a very strong likelihood that a Role Play will get you EVEN MORE sexually excited and enhance your experience with an escort
  2. You get to revisit or experience something that you have always wanted
  3. You get to act – acting is fun
  4. You get to act with me! I love acting and am VERY convincing in my roles
  5. You can experiment with your sexual awareness
  6. You can experiment with your feelings
  7. You can face your fears
  8. You can feel the full truth
  9. You can establish what you really HONESTLY like
  10. You may discover what you don’t like.

Think about it……