Fact: I adore my clients.  I am not just saying that to win favour with gents out there and seem “nice”; nor am I one of those annoying people that only ever think positive thoughts, say positive things or have been overexposed to “The Art of Happiness”.

Despite the tendency of us humans to categorise/box/subjectify/stereotype each other based on appearance, heritage, culture, religion, background, wealth, education and first impressions; our personalities are inherently complex, multi-faceted, even chameleon-like and forever intriguing….

I am one of those people that has too many interests. So many that I totally confuse myself and frequently get brain overload ;))). For example, on Tuesday I may feel like dressing demurely, I may favour soft classical music and reading Steinbeck.  Wednesday; I might wake up, apply heavy eyeliner, fishnets and stomp around the house listening to “Never mind the Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols”.  I love ballet, I love Metallica, I love drinking Vodka in 100ml shots, I love Brussel Sprouts, I love wearing men’s slippers from Kazakstan that I found by the road,  I love my Burberry Jeans with designer heels.  I am not fickle, I am just a Generalist.  I have never been really, really excellent at anything BUT I have been pretty good/ Ok, really good/ good at a range of things.

Each of my clients are totally different – different looks, different interests, different jobs, religions, backgrounds, political and religious beliefs; different senses of humour, levels of sensitivity, frustration, patience, different ways of kissing, different requirements for intimacy, sex, personal space, privacy, discretion.  And that is just the beginning.

It is the identifying, understanding, appreciating, respecting and adapting to each of these differences which presents me with the constant stimulation, challenge and rewards that I get from being an escort and being with my Gentlemen.

I adore my clients because these amazing and interesting Gentlemen that I spend my time with help me to indulge in my different facets; help me to think more deeply about subjects.

Gents: my testament to you is that I will tenaciously continue to make you feel special, happy, content, stimulated and eager to embrace all there is to love about life.

Thank you Guys- you really rock!! XX