Recently I have shared experiences with clients that have been equal parts thrills and pleasure! I can assure you that the glow on their faces afterward is testimony to the fact that these were the perfect combination.

Is there something crazy/outrageous/adventurous/risky/ challenging and all together super fun that you have always wanted to try but haven’t done because you felt that the experience warranted sharing?

Many of us are in a position where we want to experience and share such things…perhaps scuba diving, sky diving, mountain climbing, playing dares, surfing, ice skating, making a Croquembouche, the list goes on (from playing chess to rolling down the Parliament House lawns); but our partners, close friends or other loved ones are unable or not interested.

Well look no further, as I am the lady for the job !

The unique and best things about these bookings are that you can just let go – totally be yourself, have fun, defeat a challenge, be brave, be silly, be scared, chicken-out (I NEVER judge), be rewarded, be proud and then have excellent, euphoric, dopamine-charged sex afterwards.

So why is the sex so great afterwards? Well thanks to the pre-sex thrills, our friends the neurotransmitters are feeling rather fat and happy….be gone that edgy feeling- fear, nervousness, anxiety and welcome the RELAXED feeling. Being RELAXED means that your body, senses, mind and soul will accept pleasure and pleasurable feelings ALL THE MORE READILY.

Ready for the challenge?