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Lots of Stuff!



I know it has been a while since I have written but I am going to keep this brief.

It is “that’” time of year where suddenly a false deadline arises in many parts of our lives delivering the “It has to happen by Christmas Crap”.

In most cases, “it” does not need to happen by 25 December.

The only thing that really needs to happen is to be kind, nice, calm and maintain a generous spirit (unrelated to gifts). Oh also, do ensure that you have carrots for the reindeer before December 25.

SO – now that is sorted –a few updates:

I will be here in Brisbane and working over Christmas. Not all the time, but enough.

During January I will be busy moving house!  Very exciting!  My new location will still be within 3km from the CBD, with easy access from roads, good parking and DISCRETION.

I highly recommend that you give me plenty of notice during this time – and there of course will be a period where I am out of action.

Most awesome of all was my trip in November-December this year to Iran and Turkey (mostly Iran).  Iran is so special to me and I didn’t want to leave!  Highlights were my time in Mashad at the Imam Reza shrine, general Mashad life, making lots of great friends and visiting villages.

In Istanbul it was the Blue and Suleymaniye mosques, the Grand Bazaar and the morning swims in the Marmara ocean during the Turkish winter! XX

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The beauty of the “ordinary”…..


Sharing life’s exciting, different, non-routine activities with someone is pretty cool isn’t it?  By that I mean those things that for someone are out of the ordinary (refer to my “adventures and sex blog”!)

Well, I am sure that many of you can attest to the fact that sharing those “ordinary” life activities with someone in an intimate way is really what infiltrates us with happiness in a sort of drip-feed, low GI kind of way 😉 vs an adrenaline-inducing, hyper stimulated, high GI injection. Think going for a regular walk for exercise, having breakfast or lunch, grocery shopping, dish washing, sweeping….

These things are often more fun with someone that you can have fun with, be intimate, sensual, sexy and a bit crazy with, right?

They needn’t only be shared with oneself or the cat who is really NOT helping OR the dog that is helping far too much.

The normal can be transformed into the abnormal (in a good abnormal sort of way;). Conversation, laughter, kissing + more, dares, learning and doing something ordinary in the most non-ordinary way you can think of….if you dare.

A proposition for you…..a date doing the “ordinary”. Let’s see how, for example, the dusting can deliver, excitement – sustainably.



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I am calling this diary “Play-Doh”, not because I have a child-care centre on-site but because today I am talking about massaging.

I really enjoy giving massages to my clients – especially to those that work their bodies and/or minds hard and need them relaxed and rejuvenated!  For some strange reason whenever I am massaging it reminds me of playing with Play-Doh as a kid!! Just feels so damn good, juicy and squidgy in my hands!!

Now, I am NOT a qualified masseuse by any stretch; however I do have general knowledge of the body’s musculature. I have also been lucky enough to have a beautiful client who takes me for massages as part of our booking and who also has given me a number of massage vouchers for those in-between times.

When I am being massaged I pay attention to what the masseuse is doing with her/his hands. This I should not be doing. There should be no DOING at all from moi. Ok, I am working on my issue with relaxation ;)). NONETHELESS my doing this means that I have picked up a few tricks!

SO, my pressure point today is that massaging clients creates intimacy and sensuality; promotes relaxation, heightens physical feelings and can also iron out a few sore spots in the process!

  1. XX

P.s sorry about the puns!  I just can’t help myself!


10 Reasons Why Role Plays Rock!


Role plays….who has experienced one? Yes, I am talking about sexual role plays; not the type where you played the Macbeth role in your Year 11 school play.

Unless YOU have the true desire to; the stereotypical secretary, nurse, naughty-school-girl role plays are not necessarily going to move you up the sexual excitement ladder. I am not saying that they won’t– I’m saying that there is no such thing as a “STANDARD” or “NORMAL” fantasy. You can’t force the issue when it comes to role plays.

You may ask yourself: “Am I genuinely turned on by a lady dressed as a naughty school-girl or a sexy secretary?”, or is there something in YOUR MIND that is unique, creative, begs to be explored, understood, is of historical significance or even conjures a mild sense of fear with the bottom line being that whatever THING it is, is Genuinely exciting to YOU.

Think about it.

Hypothetically/for instance/ for example…..perhaps there was a girl you liked at school (let’s call her Jane) but you never got to be intimate or sexual with Jane as she had a boyfriend/ didn’t notice you/ never spoke to you. Since school, Jane has moved to San Francisco, is happily married with 2.75 kids and the chances of you having sex with Jane have gone from 1 in 100 to 1 in 17 billion.

SO – what if something else happened to alter these variables.  There are a plethora of scenarios in this single example alone. Want to create a sexual pathway with Jane?  Well, you can.

Think about it.

In sum 10 REASONS why role plays rock are : (in no particular order)

  1. There is a very strong likelihood that a Role Play will get you EVEN MORE sexually excited and enhance your experience with an escort
  2. You get to revisit or experience something that you have always wanted
  3. You get to act – acting is fun
  4. You get to act with me! I love acting and am VERY convincing in my roles
  5. You can experiment with your sexual awareness
  6. You can experiment with your feelings
  7. You can face your fears
  8. You can feel the full truth
  9. You can establish what you really HONESTLY like
  10. You may discover what you don’t like.

Think about it……

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Cultural Excitement


As you know I adore my clients (as stated in previous diaries!!); and I get enormous pleasure in receiving gentlemen visitors from EVERY country and culture – from Australia, to Iraq, to Poland, to Lapland, to Namibia to the 61st moon of Saturn!

I find it very arousing to know that I can be in the company of people who can share thoughts, ideas, philosophies and lifestyles with me that are derived from places different to my own.  SUUUUUCHHH a TURN ON!! It makes our bedroom experiences so heightened.

I think that it is a combination of this and the Escort-Client Privilege in the bedroom.  By this I mean that clients can discuss with me whatever they like. I do not judge. I appreciate hearing how people really think and feel.

Personally, the cultural excitement I get combined with the EC Privilege are big highlights of my job.

Have a great week All!!

A. xx

Blonde Escort Brisbane

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Dinner Dates Don’t Need to be Dinner!


Hi Lovely people – I hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend.

Remember that dinner or lunch and play dates don’t need to be your typical dining out…back to hotel room scenario. Not that there is anything wrong with this of course!  It’s fantastic!

The ‘content’ of a Play Date is only limited to one’s imagination! So get creative…would you like a companion for an adventure activity, a book club, a beach day, a surfing lesson, cooking class….well, anything really!

These are just random examples of the sorts of things that may be more fun with a lady by your side.

As I am a person with a huge range of interests and am totally open-minded to trying most things – hit me with your suggestions Gents!

Also note that I have 3 SPECIALS running at the moment – I believe they cater for a range of tastes and budgets.

So give me a call for more information!


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Autumn-Winter Special Offers


As I love Autumn & early winter so much I am running specials for a limited time only….

 I really enjoy the opportunity to meet new gentlemen and to share some intimate, fun and sexy times with them.

Hopefully, these specials cater for a range of preferences, lifestyles and budgets that suit our Gents!


Autumn Fling – $150. Your choice of either a “Quickie” OR an Erotic Massage with happy ending

Warm welcome to NEWCOMERS….ALL BOOKINGS of 1.5 hours or more receive $50.00 off.

For new Gents only.

 (More than) The Overnighter – an overnighter with bonus hours. This provides an opportunity to have extended leisure time together – either in the bedroom, over breakfast, dinner

or perhaps an activity/adventure!!


Contact me on 0431 746 602 to discover more…


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A Tribute to my Gentlemen


Fact: I adore my clients.  I am not just saying that to win favour with gents out there and seem “nice”; nor am I one of those annoying people that only ever think positive thoughts, say positive things or have been overexposed to “The Art of Happiness”.

Despite the tendency of us humans to categorise/box/subjectify/stereotype each other based on appearance, heritage, culture, religion, background, wealth, education and first impressions; our personalities are inherently complex, multi-faceted, even chameleon-like and forever intriguing….

I am one of those people that has too many interests. So many that I totally confuse myself and frequently get brain overload ;))). For example, on Tuesday I may feel like dressing demurely, I may favour soft classical music and reading Steinbeck.  Wednesday; I might wake up, apply heavy eyeliner, fishnets and stomp around the house listening to “Never mind the Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols”.  I love ballet, I love Metallica, I love drinking Vodka in 100ml shots, I love Brussel Sprouts, I love wearing men’s slippers from Kazakstan that I found by the road,  I love my Burberry Jeans with designer heels.  I am not fickle, I am just a Generalist.  I have never been really, really excellent at anything BUT I have been pretty good/ Ok, really good/ good at a range of things.

Each of my clients are totally different – different looks, different interests, different jobs, religions, backgrounds, political and religious beliefs; different senses of humour, levels of sensitivity, frustration, patience, different ways of kissing, different requirements for intimacy, sex, personal space, privacy, discretion.  And that is just the beginning.

It is the identifying, understanding, appreciating, respecting and adapting to each of these differences which presents me with the constant stimulation, challenge and rewards that I get from being an escort and being with my Gentlemen.

I adore my clients because these amazing and interesting Gentlemen that I spend my time with help me to indulge in my different facets; help me to think more deeply about subjects.

Gents: my testament to you is that I will tenaciously continue to make you feel special, happy, content, stimulated and eager to embrace all there is to love about life.

Thank you Guys- you really rock!! XX

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Adventures and Sex



Recently I have shared experiences with clients that have been equal parts thrills and pleasure! I can assure you that the glow on their faces afterward is testimony to the fact that these were the perfect combination.

Is there something crazy/outrageous/adventurous/risky/ challenging and all together super fun that you have always wanted to try but haven’t done because you felt that the experience warranted sharing?

Many of us are in a position where we want to experience and share such things…perhaps scuba diving, sky diving, mountain climbing, playing dares, surfing, ice skating, making a Croquembouche, the list goes on (from playing chess to rolling down the Parliament House lawns); but our partners, close friends or other loved ones are unable or not interested.

Well look no further, as I am the lady for the job !

The unique and best things about these bookings are that you can just let go – totally be yourself, have fun, defeat a challenge, be brave, be silly, be scared, chicken-out (I NEVER judge), be rewarded, be proud and then have excellent, euphoric, dopamine-charged sex afterwards.

So why is the sex so great afterwards? Well thanks to the pre-sex thrills, our friends the neurotransmitters are feeling rather fat and happy….be gone that edgy feeling- fear, nervousness, anxiety and welcome the RELAXED feeling. Being RELAXED means that your body, senses, mind and soul will accept pleasure and pleasurable feelings ALL THE MORE READILY.

Ready for the challenge?

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The Lunch Time


Part 1 of the ‘Arotica’ series

She’s of the opinion that in her work, as in her life; any experience created to be savoured should never be rushed.

He lay face down on her bed and closed his eyes. Stressed, stiff, sore, annoyed, frustrated and generally malcontent summed up his feelings at the moment. His whole body felt awkward which distracted him constantly from his work which was the last thing he needed if he was to get out of the office before 9pm tonight. Bugger it, he was taking a longer lunch break today. Those emails will just have to wait.

He wished like anything he could just go on holiday. He knew that was impossible at the moment and almost prayed that he would badly break something so that he would be confined to a hospital bed and forced to rest, sleep and watch garbage on TV.

Like she read his mind, she told him to draw his attention back to her bedroom, to try and think of nothing and to concentrate on the feelings in different parts of his body. To close his eyes and simply feel, listen and smell.

She drizzled a generous amount of coconut oil over his back, shoulders, buttocks and backs of his thighs. She started to gently massage the oil into his muscles, spreading it out and getting a feel for the parts of his body where tension had mounted.

She spent a while applying firm pressure over his muscles, rolling them through and working them like “play-doh”.

Gradually his mind became less cluttered and ‘jumpy’ between one subject and another. His brain became overtaken by the feelings in his skin, the sounds in the room and the scent of her perfume – a hint of musk and oriental spice. Deep, complex, sensual and arousing.

For the first time in months, he noticed how his cock actually FELT. He could detect the whisper of a micro-breeze that made its way under his pelvis. There was no cooling effect, however, he felt warmth, a distinct heat around his balls and at the end of his cock.

He suddenly realised she was naked! She mounted his back and buttocks and used her soft inner things, toned hamstrings, calves and arms to manoeuvre his muscles and slide over his body.

She was a mixture of feminine and athletic and he could feel the entirety of her slim body slide across his back and buttocks.Her soft breasts, while not exactly big, they were a perfect complement to the rest of her graceful frame and she seemed perfectly in proportion.

He felt like moving his hips from side to side slightly and applying some pressure on his phallus. She let him get away with this for only a second before she seemed to flip him over and climb on top of him….. This time she rubbed her breasts and toned belly over his cock and balls. She slid down further, he could feel a hot moisture on his thigh, not far at all from his now -erect cock.

With his eyes still closed he could picture it in his mind based only on what his thigh felt – her pussy–taunt, petite, hot and wet. She was now sliding, back and forth, back and forth…..

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