As you know I adore my clients (as stated in previous diaries!!); and I get enormous pleasure in receiving gentlemen visitors from EVERY country and culture – from Australia, to Iraq, to Poland, to Lapland, to Namibia to the 61st moon of Saturn!

I find it very arousing to know that I can be in the company of people who can share thoughts, ideas, philosophies and lifestyles with me that are derived from places different to my own.  SUUUUUCHHH a TURN ON!! It makes our bedroom experiences so heightened.

I think that it is a combination of this and the Escort-Client Privilege in the bedroom.  By this I mean that clients can discuss with me whatever they like. I do not judge. I appreciate hearing how people really think and feel.

Personally, the cultural excitement I get combined with the EC Privilege are big highlights of my job.

Have a great week All!!

A. xx

Blonde Escort Brisbane