Hi Lovely people – I hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend.

Remember that dinner or lunch and play dates don’t need to be your typical dining out…back to hotel room scenario. Not that there is anything wrong with this of course!  It’s fantastic!

The ‘content’ of a Play Date is only limited to one’s imagination! So get creative…would you like a companion for an adventure activity, a book club, a beach day, a surfing lesson, cooking class….well, anything really!

These are just random examples of the sorts of things that may be more fun with a lady by your side.

As I am a person with a huge range of interests and am totally open-minded to trying most things – hit me with your suggestions Gents!

Also note that I have 3 SPECIALS running at the moment – I believe they cater for a range of tastes and budgets.

So give me a call for more information!