I know it has been a while since I have written but I am going to keep this brief.

It is “that’” time of year where suddenly a false deadline arises in many parts of our lives delivering the “It has to happen by Christmas Crap”.

In most cases, “it” does not need to happen by 25 December.

The only thing that really needs to happen is to be kind, nice, calm and maintain a generous spirit (unrelated to gifts). Oh also, do ensure that you have carrots for the reindeer before December 25.

SO – now that is sorted –a few updates:

I will be here in Brisbane and working over Christmas. Not all the time, but enough.

During January I will be busy moving house!  Very exciting!  My new location will still be within 3km from the CBD, with easy access from roads, good parking and DISCRETION.

I highly recommend that you give me plenty of notice during this time – and there of course will be a period where I am out of action.

Most awesome of all was my trip in November-December this year to Iran and Turkey (mostly Iran).  Iran is so special to me and I didn’t want to leave!  Highlights were my time in Mashad at the Imam Reza shrine, general Mashad life, making lots of great friends and visiting villages.

In Istanbul it was the Blue and Suleymaniye mosques, the Grand Bazaar and the morning swims in the Marmara ocean during the Turkish winter! XX