I am calling this diary “Play-Doh”, not because I have a child-care centre on-site but because today I am talking about massaging.

I really enjoy giving massages to my clients – especially to those that work their bodies and/or minds hard and need them relaxed and rejuvenated!  For some strange reason whenever I am massaging it reminds me of playing with Play-Doh as a kid!! Just feels so damn good, juicy and squidgy in my hands!!

Now, I am NOT a qualified masseuse by any stretch; however I do have general knowledge of the body’s musculature. I have also been lucky enough to have a beautiful client who takes me for massages as part of our booking and who also has given me a number of massage vouchers for those in-between times.

When I am being massaged I pay attention to what the masseuse is doing with her/his hands. This I should not be doing. There should be no DOING at all from moi. Ok, I am working on my issue with relaxation ;)). NONETHELESS my doing this means that I have picked up a few tricks!

SO, my pressure point today is that massaging clients creates intimacy and sensuality; promotes relaxation, heightens physical feelings and can also iron out a few sore spots in the process!

  1. XX

P.s sorry about the puns!  I just can’t help myself!