Incalls & Outcalls
$250   ½ hour 
$350  1 hour
    $650   2 hours 
   $900   3 hours

Outcalls to 4 or 5 star hotels only (Add $50.00 for outcalls to cover travel expenses).

Couples – please inquire.

Elite Deluxe Service (at my discretion) – please enquire

Overnight – (12 hours) $2,250 (10% deposit in advance)

Additional hours and special requests by negotiation

Dinner/Play, Lunch/Play dates – (3-4 hours) $800.

 Adventure/Play dates – please inquire.

Platonic arrangements – contact me to discuss.

My Reviews

You only live once, you deserve this experience, here’s a snippet of just what’s instore for you

Well what can I say!! Alexia is a beautiful, sexy, genuine, loving and adventurous lady! I will miss her heaps now that she has moved to Brisbane….and will soon make a trip just to visit HER!
I have known Alexia for 9 months and have shared lots of highly memorable, blissful, erotic and indulgent Sundays with her. Alexia is remarkable- totally unique, intelligent, inspirational and downright sexy, gorgeous and adorable. She will blow your mind!
She always made me feel incredibly welcome with her gorgeous smile and face, big brown eyes and smooth skin and friendly, warm and relaxed manner. And she has a body to die for!!
She satisfied my every need and desires and I can guarantee that she is honest and trustworthy. She is also patient and adoring.
Guys- I highly recommend this lady – you won’t be disappointed!!

March 2014, Tim (North Queensland)

I met Alexia a couple of weeks ago for a dinner date. My first thought on meeting her was OMG, you are SO good looking. She is WAY better looking than she appears on the website. Way better. She was immaculately dressed for dinner and excellent company; the conversation flowed easily. The after dinner entertainment was as good as, or better than, I have experienced on a GFE basis. There will be more dinner dates with this lady.

May 10th 2015


I saw this lovely lady a few weeks ago and was very impressed. After some initial confusion when searching for the right girl and reading reviews etc
(ie there is more than one Alexia) I was very thrilled to see this gorgeous, sexy and very friendly girl greet me at the door!!

Aside from being gorgeous – great body and overall stunning features-what I really appreciated was her sincerity towards ensuring that I enjoyed myself and was happy, comfortable etc. She is really warm, welcoming and happy and I got the feeling that she really meant it and was being her true self.
Alexia really was an awesome combination of being totally sexy and gorgeous and having a terrific personality! I will definitely be seeing this girl more in the future…..

October 8, 2015


I saw the advertisement for Alexia on SB and was initially attracted by the photos that she had put on the site. I am very partial to a toned lady and the pictures seemed to indicate that this was a fit lady (you have to admit the legs in that short, figure hugging white skirt look hot).

I also found her description appealing, naughty with a girl friend type of experience. So I bit the bullet and called her to discuss a visit. She didn’t answer at first but called me back as I was busy. I then called her back a little later and I have to say that when I spoke to her I was a little apprehensive, but, she put me at ease with her svelte phone manner and after a little discussion about what was on offer and what I wanted, we made an appointment for an hour.

Alexia works from a nice home near the city with plenty of discrete on street parking. When I knocked on the door to her home and she opened the door I was relieved to see a very attractive, perfectly presented woman.

She had a lovely smile and asked how I was and would I like to have a drink, shower etc. I felt like I was visiting a person that I had known for a long time I felt that at ease. After a shower we went into her room where she let me undress her. I have to say I have done this a few times with a number of ladies but I was shaking a little in anticipation as I clumsily removed the clothes from this babe. I felt like a school kid again but boy was I pleased when I did finally get her clothes off! What a body and I was getting an hour with it…..I don’t want to go into the full details with our encounter but Alexia is a great lover and really wants to please the person that she is with. It is a true girlfriend experience making you feel very comfortable and she won’t be continually looking at the clock.

She also loves sex, no fake stuff here she gets really wet and naughty (I am almost getting a horn just writing this). Oh and have the massage she can do after the deed is done as you will need the physiotherapy. I have booked her a few more times and I am enjoying our encounters more and more. If you want to get your rocks off with an attractive, fit lady, that can hold a conversation then do yourself a favour at get it on with Alexia.

November 5, 2015 at 8:56 pm


Alexia is friendly, intelligent and passionate and makes me feel special well before I arrive. We arrange some of what will happen and what she will wear in advance – I love the anticipation! When I’m with her we’re like best friends who’ve discovered that every word and every touch can be sensuous and exciting. Each visit is different and Alexia seems to know exactly what I’m thinking and feeling.

Alexia’s photos are real, but as lovely as they are, the real woman is much more beautiful. I get lost in her eyes and can’t say enough about how special she has made our visits.

Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 12:41 PM

I’ve been seeing Alexia for about six months and our visits get more exciting each time. As well as being intelligent and articulate, she is stylish, seductive and absolutely gorgeous. Dressed formally or casually, Alexia takes my breath away. I love seeing her perfect legs in black stockings. Even now, remembering the sensations as I remove those stockings has my pulse racing.

Alexia knows exactly what to say and do and how to keep raising our intensity. She is playful and passionate from the first moment to the last. We both get so much pleasure from touching and being touched that time races by with neither of us noticing. When I do eventually leave, I’m always smiling with memories of another perfect visit.

After you’ve looked at Alexia’s photos, go back again and look into her eyes. Imagine them focused on you alone in your most intimate moments together; she literally makes me shake. I’m so grateful to this amazing lady and can’t wait to see her again (and again)!

4 April 2016 at 4:19:26 pm AEST

Stephen James

I’m a client of Alexia’s who’s never been to a Spa. We decided to try a couple’s massage and it was so much fun! Organising our visit was simple, Alexia is contactable by text and email and helped with suggestions on how we could plan our visit. I was wound up with anticipation by the time our day arrived.

When I got to Alexia’s she greeted me with a big smile and a hug that always makes me feel special. She was beautiful and immaculate in jeans, a blouse, black leather jacket and suede boots. We chatted and then set off to the Spa, both of us excited and happy.

I couldn’t help watching as Alexia undressed and put her robe on, distracting me with temptation and more anticipation. The staff served blistering hot tea (this was good!) before our massage (this was better!). The massage was both hard and soft, it felt great and I’ll be doing it again! We finished with a wonderful conversation (this was the best!) and champagne. Alexia was amazing company, we were laughing and talking so loudly the staff asked if we’d rather sit out by the pool! I felt light headed waiting for the valet parking and I knew that if our afternoon had ended then, I would still have been a very happy man. It was a fantastic experience!

We went back to Alexia’s. I received some bad personal news on the way (damn mobile phones) but Alexia helped me put aside the outside world for a while. She took me from grateful to happy to excited just by being her lovely self. She also made things flow very naturally and I found myself in the shower with this beautifully feminine, athletic lady. The warm running water and Alexia’s even warmer, soapy hands raised more than my spirits and her smile promised we were just getting started!

Alexia is gorgeous from her so soft hair to the soles of her feet. Our intensity together was unbelievable and I can remember stopping her to look in her eyes and make sure I wasn’t dreaming. After that there was wave after wave of sensations I never wanted to end. Later, with Alexia close and every part of me happy, as we talked I realised how lucky I was that we fit together so well. She is a lovely, lovely lady!

Thank you for a perfect day, Alexia.

14 May 2016 at 6:50:08 pm AEST

Red Red Wine

I been waiting impatiently at a unknown destination at the airport and my heart been up my throat nervous, and then finally after many emails and texts here she comes much more divine then in the pics. She greeted me with a brief conversation followed by a passionate deep out of this world kiss. And her hands the softest I touched in a long time. I prepared dinner for her seafood prawns, Morton bay bugs, oysters, a nice white wine, before that I tasted her delicious body and Alexias hands again touched my soul what happens stays our secrect . Then we had seafood and after we went back to the sleeping room. The next morning she touched my soul again with this softest hands . After breakfast and a relaxing morning we lunched in the city. The arvo went way to fast for me unfortunately. It was time to say good bye. I had the feeling she enjoyed herself she is so easy going and she can kiss wow. The whole package is addictive we agreed for a follow up meeting I tried to treat her like a Lady should get treated. I surprised her with some nice gifts. Thank you so much for a so enjoyable time I enjoyed every second.

June 18, 2016 at 2:45 am


I’m a regular client of Alexia’s. Writing that made me smile, her other regulars will understand 🙂 We’ve known each other almost a year and I recently realised that you don’t “get used to” seeing Alexia. Booking in advance I still feel days of anticipation. On the day, I take my time getting ready (I like to look my best for her), but I’m full of adrenalin on the drive over. By the time I get to Alexia’s, I’m smiling – I feel very, very good.

You get the idea? Her welcoming smile is the start of something special. She is always so beautiful, so stylish, with such gorgeous outfits and makeup. Up close, the scent of Agent Provocateur or an Oud reaches me, it’s sensuous and bold, perfect for her. Alexia knows the effect it has on me, that she has on me.

We share touches. Not just the ones that are none of your business; That bring a cheeky smile to Alexia’s face because she knows I can’t resist; That make her squeeze my arms and whisper to me; That I never thought I’d feel again.

Other touches too. Alexia’s hand on my chest while she asks a question. Her arms around my neck, whispered breath on my ear. Holding hands, fingers linked, voices quiet. The best touches I don’t know how to describe. Moments of intimacy and insight where we can just be in the moment, touches I treasure.

Review sounds like judgment, I don’t want to know what a review of me would look like 🙂 These are just the thoughts of an old man who still sees Alexia even after she has seen ME.

14 August 2016 at 4:00:52 am AEST 


During the last twelve months I’ve learned to appreciate Alexia’s insight and kindness and our visits are special to me. So special that it was five months ago when I asked Alexia to celebrate something with me last week. The plan was simple: a couple’s massage in the morning, followed by lunch and then a private afternoon of each other’s company.

Five months of anticipation and then what an absolutely amazing day we had!! I arrived at Alexia’s and the day started with her beautiful smile. She was lovely in a white dress and high heels (and a gorgeous purple cardigan!). We headed into town to catch up on the last couple of weeks over breakfast. Our conversation jumped around like conversations do when you’re with a trusted friend who knows you well. Alexia is intelligent, fun, fascinating and sophisticated. We were still chatting happily long after breakfast was finished. Heads turned as we left, Alexia brightened the restaurant.

Our massage was only an elevator away so we could take our time getting ready. Under Alexia’s open robe, her skin was peaches and cream perfection – she is beautifully toned, feminine and graceful. For an incredible hour we were oiled and spoiled completely. Afterwards, relaxing by the pool, sometimes we laughed and sometimes we were serious. The subject of having positive influences in our lives came up and I realised Alexia has influenced me – it was a lovely thought.

We went back to the restaurant for lunch although I have no idea how long we were there or what my meal tasted like. I remember how special Alexia made me feel. I also remember thinking how good it was to talk with someone I admired and respected. I hope the food was delicious because the company was the finest. When lunch was over we went back to Alexia’s for an afternoon of just us.

Alexia’s home suits her, it’s warm and very welcoming (so is Velvetina, her beautiful puppy!). Being able to be myself with Alexia was the best possible celebration. It gave me a chance to say thank you, something I should do more often. Gradually our words became softer and there were more and more touches. Alexia knows me as well physically as she does emotionally. She brings out the warmth I feel for her and touches every nerve in my body with it until the only sounds are our breathing and whispered encouragements. She held me until everything was still. In the quiet afterwards, there’s always something new to talk about. It was a relaxed, peaceful time after such an exciting day. When it was time for it to end I looked into her eyes once more, Alexia has lovely eyes.

I wish I could say properly to Alexia how special she made the day. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. It’s rare to look forward to someone’s company more as time goes on. I am very fortunate to have met Alexia and I hope my good luck charm brings more of her charming company.

11 November 2016 at 2:15:26 pm AEST