Sharing life’s exciting, different, non-routine activities with someone is pretty cool isn’t it?  By that I mean those things that for someone are out of the ordinary (refer to my “adventures and sex blog”!)

Well, I am sure that many of you can attest to the fact that sharing those “ordinary” life activities with someone in an intimate way is really what infiltrates us with happiness in a sort of drip-feed, low GI kind of way 😉 vs an adrenaline-inducing, hyper stimulated, high GI injection. Think going for a regular walk for exercise, having breakfast or lunch, grocery shopping, dish washing, sweeping….

These things are often more fun with someone that you can have fun with, be intimate, sensual, sexy and a bit crazy with, right?

They needn’t only be shared with oneself or the cat who is really NOT helping OR the dog that is helping far too much.

The normal can be transformed into the abnormal (in a good abnormal sort of way;). Conversation, laughter, kissing + more, dares, learning and doing something ordinary in the most non-ordinary way you can think of….if you dare.

A proposition for you…..a date doing the “ordinary”. Let’s see how, for example, the dusting can deliver, excitement – sustainably.