Part 1 of the ‘Arotica’ series

She’s of the opinion that in her work, as in her life; any experience created to be savoured should never be rushed.

He lay face down on her bed and closed his eyes. Stressed, stiff, sore, annoyed, frustrated and generally malcontent summed up his feelings at the moment. His whole body felt awkward which distracted him constantly from his work which was the last thing he needed if he was to get out of the office before 9pm tonight. Bugger it, he was taking a longer lunch break today. Those emails will just have to wait.

He wished like anything he could just go on holiday. He knew that was impossible at the moment and almost prayed that he would badly break something so that he would be confined to a hospital bed and forced to rest, sleep and watch garbage on TV.

Like she read his mind, she told him to draw his attention back to her bedroom, to try and think of nothing and to concentrate on the feelings in different parts of his body. To close his eyes and simply feel, listen and smell.

She drizzled a generous amount of coconut oil over his back, shoulders, buttocks and backs of his thighs. She started to gently massage the oil into his muscles, spreading it out and getting a feel for the parts of his body where tension had mounted.

She spent a while applying firm pressure over his muscles, rolling them through and working them like “play-doh”.

Gradually his mind became less cluttered and ‘jumpy’ between one subject and another. His brain became overtaken by the feelings in his skin, the sounds in the room and the scent of her perfume – a hint of musk and oriental spice. Deep, complex, sensual and arousing.

For the first time in months, he noticed how his cock actually FELT. He could detect the whisper of a micro-breeze that made its way under his pelvis. There was no cooling effect, however, he felt warmth, a distinct heat around his balls and at the end of his cock.

He suddenly realised she was naked! She mounted his back and buttocks and used her soft inner things, toned hamstrings, calves and arms to manoeuvre his muscles and slide over his body.

She was a mixture of feminine and athletic and he could feel the entirety of her slim body slide across his back and buttocks.Her soft breasts, while not exactly big, they were a perfect complement to the rest of her graceful frame and she seemed perfectly in proportion.

He felt like moving his hips from side to side slightly and applying some pressure on his phallus. She let him get away with this for only a second before she seemed to flip him over and climb on top of him….. This time she rubbed her breasts and toned belly over his cock and balls. She slid down further, he could feel a hot moisture on his thigh, not far at all from his now -erect cock.

With his eyes still closed he could picture it in his mind based only on what his thigh felt – her pussy–taunt, petite, hot and wet. She was now sliding, back and forth, back and forth…..